Summer Pick Up 2014
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YMCA Volleyball
Fairless Hills, PA


Fall Coed leagues will start in September!!

Ladies 4 will start in September!!

Summer round up league will go from July 8th to August 12th!!!

Contact for more information!!!!
Summer Round Up Teams:
Team A: Megan S, Dorothy, Dave Russo, Johan, Dave Cohen, Suna
Team B: Lisa Shiavo, Ray McBride, Ron C, Denise, AL, Jacob, Mario
Team C: Heather, Craig, Jim, Jennelle, Denny, Todd
Team D: Lynn M, Ed F., Kev G, Allison S, Ben, Jarad
Team E: New Team
*** The rule ----> A female must be on the court at all times will NOT apply this session.
*** If you will be out/away for any of the matches please email/text me so I can have someone from another team fill in for you.
*** I will switch players around as needed to fit their availability.


Next Games

Summer Pick Up 2014
Match Date Warm Up Start Team 1 Team 2
07/29/2014 8:00 PM 8:10 PM Team B Team D
07/29/2014 9:00 PM 9:10 PM Team C Team E
07/29/2014 BYE: Team A